To do A / B testing in an email campaign, follow this tutorial. The A / B testing allows you to test two different paths to find out which one will bring you the most conversions.

Click on the 'emails' tab on the left.

Then click on 'create a campaign' or edit an already existing campaign.

So we'll do an A / B testing on a new campaign to send two different emails to see which one works best.

Choose a source for your campaign 'from a list' or 'from a segment' and drag / drop the A / B testing option from this source.

You should have a path that looks like this.

As a result of the A / B testing we will choose a template A and a template B in order to create two paths, drag / drop the option send an email twice to create two different paths, as in the example Below.

You are now able to create two paths in order to do the A / B testing. During your campaign the tool will automatically choose one of the two paths, you will then get statistics on each template in order to know which one gets the most openings, cliques and conversions on your website.
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