If you want to retrieve business emails from a company's employees, then this tutorial is perfect for you.

Once you log in to your Anyleads account, follow the steps below to retrieve emails from a company's employees.

1. Go to the 'find leads' tool

2. Go to the company search section.

Once in this section we will search for example the company 'Accenture' to find the emails of the employees working in the company 'Accenture'.

Click on 'Get emails' to start the search.

3. Save employees and their email in your CRM.

To save a contact from a company choose the list where you want to save this contact and then click 'Save lead'.

In this example we will save the first 3 results in our 'Prospecting' list. Once the backup is complete, you can view your contacts.

4. Check your contacts and email.

Go to the 'CRM' section. So we find the 3 saved contacts as well as their email.

You can now launch prospecting campaigns with our email tool!
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