Here is how you can retrieve the email address of all the employees who are working in a specific company. It took me something like 10 minutes to get more than 3,000 well-targeted emails with almost no coding skills required.

1. Extract targeted domain from AngelList companies.

1.1. With Data Miner.

Here is the name of the code to run with Data Miner to get a CSV from AngelList results: AngelList Company Search - Erik’s.

With Data Miner you can extract domains for AngelList in one click.

1.2. With JavaScript.

You can use the AngelList’s search engine to build a segmented list of companies. We can go pretty deep in the criteria. For instance, we can get all domains for US companies in the E-Commerce industry that have recently raised a serie A.

This search query returns 426 companies. To extract their domain, I have built a simple Javascript code that you can insert in your Google Chrome browser console. This will output a CSV that will contain the list with all their domains.

Open your console (here is how you can do it if you don’t know how to proceed) and paste the code below. Hit submit and the process will start.

function extractAngelList(){page=1,extract=setInterval(function(){$("div.more").click(),$("div.more").hasClass("disabled")&&(clearInterval(extract),csv="",$(" a").each(function(e){domain=$(this).text().toLowerCase(),csv=csv+domain+"<br>"}),document.write(csv)),page++,console.log("Loading page: "+page+", please wait.")},2e3)} extractAngelList()

You should see something similar to this displayed in your console.

Wait a few seconds and the domain list will be displayed on your page. Ready to be copied.

Copy them and then go to #2 in order to upload those domains on Anyleads.

2. Go to Anyleads and use the “Enrich domains” feature.

This is where you can get the list of all the employees for a given list of domains. The difference from other software like is that Anyleads is Unlimited and provide much more data than any software on the market. You will get all information related to the company and also the employees working at each company with all information needed to market them.

Paste the domains in the field and submit. You may need to repeat this operation several times as you cannot add more than 100 companies (domains).

You can upload the list of domains in the Anyleads software.

A new file that will contain each employee’s email will be generated with more than 40 data points. Download it and you are good to go!

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