In this article we will give you a short overview of the Content creator product.

This tutorial will explain you how to generate unique content based on Youtube subtitles video.

Our software gives you the possibility to generate content from thousands of videos. 95% of the content indexed on Youtube is unique and will help you to save 10x time searching for high quality content.

Let's start!

Go on the home page of your dashboard here:

Once you are on your dashboard click on "access to product" for Content Creator section.

Once you are on the product, click on "Create a new content".

The Content Creator editor will load and you will be able to start creating content.

Let's say you want to create content about the definition of marketing. We will query at the right "what is marketing?".

Multiple pre-ready articles are available to extract. Pick the one you want to check and click on the flag to get the content to the editor.

The content is directly extracted and injected at the left. You can now edit it and add some images by searching for images of GIFs to add to your content.

Click on "save content" to save the content and export it to PDF.

Content Creator is a must have if you are looking to create content daily and spending time on content research. We will go 10x more faster than your usual way of searching for content.
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