This tutorial consists of two parts, one to create a segment and one to use it. Segmenting your CRM is important, it helps to divide your contacts and improve your email campaigns by targeting more accurately.

Create a segment:

To create a segment you must go in the 'contacts' section by clicking here:

Once you are in your CRM you will use the bar to the left to create a segment. A segment is a saved search with threads.

For example in this tutorial we will create a segment that will display:

All contacts with an email that contains ''

To save this search and be able to access it whenever you want, you can click 'Save Segment' at the bottom of the column.

When saving you will be prompted to save the segment or to overwrite it (if it was already used previously).

We will therefore name it Contains '' in Prospecting.

After saving this segment you can now go to the second part in order to be able to delete / see a segment

See / use a segment:

To use a segment it is very simple, you have to choose it in the left column of your CRM.

Once the selection you find your saved search.

Do not hesitate to make as many segments as you want to divide your contacts to refine your contact database. The segments can be used as a source in a prospecting campaign.
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