In this tutorial we will explain how to create a task on the Anyleads product to start a search for leads to prospect. At the end of this tutorial you will end up with a few hundred emails to prospect. To get to the tool click on 'find leads'.

Once in the tool you have to go to the 'leads miner' section.

Start by completing the first fields, in this example we will look for CEOs in the United States.

The city is not obligatory, we will leave this field empty to broaden the search. Then click on the next button to proceed to the next step.

We will complete the search with the keywords 'CEO' and 'Chief executive officer'.

Then click Next, read your report again and click 'Run'.

Once the launch you will arrive on an interface that groups your searches.

Your report should be on the 'current' status, ie the tool searches prospects for you.

Once the report has been completed or is in progress, you can consult the list by clicking on 'view report'.

In the report you will get a list of prospects to back up. Click 'save' to save a prospect. Do not forget to choose the list where you want to save your prospects at the top of the window.

After you have saved your prospects, you can visit your CRM to see your new prospects to contact. When the tool indicates a purple badge then a professional email was found, if the tool indicates a purple and orange badge then you will get two emails (pro and personal).

You can run as many reports as you want in unlimited quantities to enrich your CRM with new leads!
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