To add a custom field on all your contacts in your CRM, go to the 'Configuration' section.

Once in the 'Configuration' section, click on 'People attributes'.

To create a new attribute, click '+ create a new attribute'.

You must then fill in 4 fields:

The name of your attribute: in order to find it more easily, this will also be the name of your column.
The key of your attribute: it must be unique and characterize the field associated with all your contacts.
The description: a short text that allows you to understand the characteristic of your attribute
The type: a string (that is, a field that contains text), a boolean (true or false), a number (1547), or a date.

For example, we will add an attribute to associate the age of our contacts.

Once your attribute is completed, click 'create these attributes' to add your new attribute.

This will then be added to the list below and will now be available on all contacts in your CRM.
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